DNA sequencing combines the benefits of many diagnostics into one economical approach to track the flow of oil within a well and across a field. It is a high resolution data source that provides 4D analysis across the production lifecycle which does not introduce environmental risk or require downhole tools.


High resolution

DNA sequencing the subsurface generates over 10K data points per sample that provide highly specific information to identify the subtle subsurface changes that matter to your business.

4D measurement

DNA sequencing the subsurface requires no special downhole tools or workover so reservoir characteristics can be assessed across time to provide a dynamic view of the changes to your asset.


DNA data can be acquired for significantly less cost compared to conventional wireline logs.


DNA data is captured from the natural subsurface samples, our non-invasive method does not require pumping any chemicals into the reservoir.

No disruptions to operations

We work with your mudloggers and pumpers to safely acquire samples during normal drilling and production processes.


The DNA within subsurface rock and oil originate from the microbes that have evolved over geologic time with the hydrocarbon source.

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