Podcast with Evercore: When Silicon Valley and the Oil Patch Collide with Ajay Kshatriya of Biota

A Podcast with Evercore Senior Manager Director, James West.



DNA sequencing…machine learning… artificial intelligence… microbial patterns…where am I? No, I’m not all of a sudden covering Biotech or disruptive Technology stocks; this is a real 33-minute conversation that I had with Biota Technologies CEO and Co-founder Ajay Kshatriya. For those that don’t know, Biota improves the understanding of the reservoir subsurface through enhanced fluid movement analytics and the company has pioneered the field of genomics and DNA sequencing as it applies to the Oil Patch. By analyzing the DNA of the tiny microbes that coexist within the oil, water and rock in the subsurface, Biota provides actionable diagnostics for improving the economics and sustainability of oil and gas production whether it’s in U.S. shale, offshore, or conventional onshore. Customers include Marathon, Statoil, Occidental, Cabot, Petronas, Encana and more while the privately-held company counts Illumina Ventures, Energy Innovation Capital, and XSeed Capital as its backers. After analyzing over 50,000 samples on +1,100 wells, Biota’s unique level of technical competence, numerous patents, and a world-class technical staff should help solidify the company’s competitive moat.

On this 28th installment of the Invest with James West Podcast series, come learn about a $5B addressable market that’s part of the estimated $25B reservoir characterization business.Boasting a top-decile adoption rate in the industry, you’ll get to learn from a CEO with a history in venture capital who brings Gary Vaynerchuk levels of passion and drive to the Oil Patch. Admittedly some of the topics we spoke about were unfamiliar territory at first but Ajay and I broke down them down in easier-to-digest concepts that should be relatively understandable. This is a company offering a product with a real unmet need at a price point that’s below existing competitive offerings while adding no operational risk to the operator. Hopefully you learn as much as I did.

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James C. West


Senior Managing Director & Partner

Oil Services, Equipment & Drilling Fundamental Research

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