Biota’s DNA Diagnostics Technology Featured in SPE Publication

Biota’s Subsurface DNA Diagnostics technology was recently featured in another SPE Publication.  This diagnostic technology is a low-risk, high-resolution evaluation tool that allows oil and gas operators the ability to track fluid movement in the reservoir and increases subsurface understanding and maximizes reservoir economics.  The publication highlights the value of Subsurface DNA Diagnostics as an independent workflow solution as well as a complementary data source that can be integrated into standard workflows in order to reduce reservoir model uncertainty.  Biota has analyzed DNA markers acquired from over 800 wells from all major unconventional basins and has built the world’s largest subsurface DNA database.   

Biota’s DNA Diagnostics can be rapidly scaled due to low-risk sampling (no downhole tools or lost production time), minimal field personnel required, and applied to all phases of an asset lifecycle.  Biota’s DNA Diagnostics, used independently or as a complementary data source, delivers a high resolution dynamic view of the reservoir drainage height so operators can efficiently and effectively maximize reservoir economics.  

Link to SPE abstract and full publication:  SPE Publication


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